Do you read website testimonials and wonder if they were written by real customers? How can you be sure that the website owner hasn’t just made them up?
I can reassure you that all the testimonials were written by my clients who used my services and all the testimonials are an accurate representation of their views. Still sceptical? Need a proof? No me for more information.

StarhillHi Ghosh and Halina,
We both wanted to thank the both of you again for all of your hard work, help and support throughout our move. Thanks to your efforts, the whole process was a tremendous success and far exceeded our expectations. I don't think that we could have achieved a similar outcome if we had gone with another team, and we both feel truly fortunate and privileged to have had the two of you work with us. From the bottoms of our hearts, please accept our warmest thanks and kindest wishes for yourselves and your family during this holiday season. We've been enjoying our gift basket as we get ready for our own holidays :).

All the best,
Maciek and Linda

McLaughlin"Our experience of selling our house was not as easy as we had thought. Most of the things happened due to the buyers real estate agent and their lawyer. But at the end the closing happened due to the efforts of Mr Ghosh."  Mr Ghosh is the ideal example for all other real estate people. He is not the individual that is only concerned about his interests but also the interest of his clients. Mr Ghosh is the one who has been with us through to the end in the selling of our house. We experienced great difficulties with our lawyer and the buyer and their agent. Our lawyer gave up on our case and would not cooperate with us or work on our interest. Our lawyer said stuff happens and said to move on. We advised Mr Ghosh about the situation and he did not loose his interest or patience during our ordeal. He guided us and helped us by getting all the necessary information and also following up with the buyer’s agent to close the deal. 

Mr Ghosh has good work ethics, very organized, courteous and professional. We found him to be Honest, Diligent, Co-operative, Punctual and Considerate. He is the right person for the job. Mr Ghosh we wish you the very best and god bless you with happiness and prosperity. Keep up with the good work. We will always recommend you if any one were to ask for a good and professional real estate agent like your self. Best wished

PS: "People like you are a rear gem in this world"
Sukhinder and Harmeet Chhabra.

66 Crew [320x200].jpgWe would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution towards the recent sale . We would like to commend you on your professionalism during the offer negotiations. We appreciate working with quality sales person like yourself.
We look forward to having the opportunity to working with you in the future.
David Seto

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your
contribution towards the recent sale . We would like to commend you on
your professionalism during the offer negotiations.
We appreciate working with quality sales person like yourself.
We look forward to having the opportunity to working with you in the
David Seto

144 Tomabrook [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh

You showed a great determination to help us find our new place. We had a great experience working with you. You went out of your way to help us get our paperwork completed and submitted in time. 

We would not get our new place without your help.
Amanda and Gavin Mitchell

99 Sunforest [320x200].jpgOh my ghosh!

As our selling agent Ghosh was an extreme pleasure to work with. His strong dedication and professionalism allowed for the sale of our home to be stress free. He went above and beyond our expectation. The best things we enjoyed about him is that he was compassionate about our needs and not mechanical.
He is great to work with and constantly kept us updated. Thanks.
Robert Smith

213 Woodville.jpgGhosh has provided us with a great experience selling our home while we have been out of province. He goes above and beyond any realtor we’ve dealt with before. I would not have been able to do the reno’s and stuff I did to the house at the cost I got if it was not for Ghosh.
I thank you for all your help in the sale of our house it was great to work with you and if I ever sell another house in the Toronto area it will be with him.

P.S. you’re the man
D Westbrook

1 Grey Owl [320x200].jpgThank you for helping us through the home buying experience. 

We were very impressed with your professionalism, yet we also appreciated your unique personal touch. 
One of the best things about working with you was that you were so accessible. It is hard to place a value on the fact that someone cares about you.
Rest assured that we will be contacting you in the future when we are ready to buy/sell.
Talk to you soon,
Stephanie, John and Hailey

67 Nickle [320x200].jpg"Thanks for helping to make our first home a reality! We appreciate your patient, advices and most of all, your friendship.  
I would have no hesitation recommending you for any real estate project.
Hi Everyone I would like to share my experience with you about Ghosh.
My wife and I were living in the rental basement apartment when she was pregnant, where we didn’t want to welcome our baby. We decided to buy a house instead of renting the basement apartment.I went to a few real estate agencies and figured out we couldn’t buy a house because we didn’t have enough incomes. We had enough income to pay a mortgage but we couldn’t proove it. We decided move to rental apartment which is not basement. At least we didn’t have a better choice in that time. I met Ghosh.
He made an appointment with me for a little presentation for the how mortgage and real estate system works. I was still thinking it doesn’t work because I don’t have proofed income. I told Ghosh I don’t think I can get it mortgage but you can try it what am I gonna loose it? I gave him my personnel information for the credit check. He called me few days later my credit score was perfect. Then We started to look for a house for my family. Ghosh always made a schedule for me. I was feelingso bad what if can’t get mortgage and Ghosh spent so much time for nothing. I offer him buy gas for his car because we went to so many different places. Some of them I like it but my wife didn’t like it some of them we both didn’t like it. Ghosh was calling me every day and updating new information about houses and sending me an e-mails. Finally we found house which my wife and I like for both price and size. My mortgage proof so fast and we deal with the house owner everything was perfect. Ghosh was keep trying to give us good mood and telling us good things. He helped us for mortgage lawyer and also he followed process with lawyer too.
Finally closing date came everything was fine and my wife and I still couldn’t believe everything was so smooth and perfect. The baby was on the way and we were so excited for a new life. Ghosh even help us for moving. He knew my wife was pregnant and we don’t have anyone available to help.
After we moved in to our house Ghosh visit us and gave us gift. I still feel we owe him.
He is still sending us greeting cards sometimes calling us and also he is following some special day such a birth f\day, religious etc. He made us feeling very important for him.
Thanks Ghosh for everything you for us.
Emre and his Family

34 Rocky Point [320x200].jpgIn one word my experience in working with Ghosh was excellent. He never forced any decision and happily kept on showing more andmore houses till we found the one we loved.
Excellent quality of service and we will be more than happy to recommend him to any one we know.
Indrani & Prasenjit Santi

86 Drake [320x200].jpgWe had a great experience, buying our first home with Ghosh. It was a wonderful experience. It seemed like we were working with a friend.The service that he provides is incredible.
The best part of working with Ghosh is that he was always a phone call away. He basically held our hands all the way through the entire process.
I can assure you that I will refer him to all my friends and family. Keep up the good work.
Katie and Matt

129 Whitwell [320x200].jpgDear Ghosh and Halina

Thank you! Is a simple phrase. But words came from the heart expressing deep gratitude for your thoughtful caring ways.
Mary & Henry Szwajkowski

54 Bloomingdale [320x200].jpgWe would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard workin helping us to find our beautiful home.
When we started our search and were looking for a real estate agent, you were highly recommended to us by our friends. During the search for our desired house, we were often faced with many confusing decisions, but you patiently pointed us in the right direction which resulted in finding our current home.We were highly impressed by your professionalism, dedication to your work, negotiation skills and patience. These qualities proved to be crucial when we eventually found and purchased our desired home within budget and in the area we were looking for.
You also managed to help us rent our previous house at the same time.We highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy/sell or rent a property.
Thank you Ghosh,
Reza & Caroline

119 Roseheath [320x200].jpgMy wife and I were in the market for a house and we needed a real estate agent we could trust since this was our first purchase. We really wanted someone who would be patient with us and listen to our needs. I have to say Ghosh exceeded our expectations in every way. He was helpful, kind and had our best interests at heart.
I have already recommended Ghosh to a friend of mine who's house he sold in under a month!
Thanks Ghosh!!
Scott and Shannon

93 Quail Feather [320x200].jpgKindly find the enclosed agreement.I enjoyed very much working with you. Even though it was a small deal,your hard work and dedication was the driving force to make this deal happen.
Thank you so much.
Muhammad Farooq

34 Kilrea [320x200].jpgGhosh, it is with great pride that I forward this e-mail on to you. It is a pleasure having you in our office and having you being a part of the RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Team. Keep up the great work. I know you have a fantastic career ahead of you.

Continued Success and my Best Wishes,
George Burns

Dear Mr. George
This is a letter of appreciation for the unequivocal delivery of exceptional service by Mr. Indranil Ghosh, one of your Remax real estate agents. Mr. Ghosh over a period of month worked consistently and diligently by dedicating his services to make sure my family and I find a house that best suits us and most importantly, one that fits our tight budget. His work ethic was flawless, in-fact we were astonished by his honesty in pointing out the flaws and educating us along the way in finding us the house we wanted. He never pressurized us into impulsively buying out of frustration.
He was accessible to us around the clock from early morning appointments to late night discussions through text messages on what to do next. He subsequently earned our trust and gaveus a much needed assurance in a market that is often plagued by agents whose financial interests supersedes the demands of their customers. Through thick and thin, Mr. Ghosh stood with us every step of the way. He was genuinely devastated by our failures and rejoiced with us we came close to getting a house. His approach to business/real estate givesa much needed sense of optimism for us the customers because our needs and wants were prioritized.
At the moment, we are proud owners of a beautiful home that we all love thanks to Mr. Ghosh's exceptional service as our agent. Please extend this letter to him and other agents as an encouragement that such commitment to excellence never goes unrecognized and you will be apart of the lives of many families.
Thanks for helping us find a house that we now call a home.

Your Truly,
Cecilia and Family (David, Ronny, Sammy and Nadia)

161 Richwood [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh

We had a great experience working with you. Very good. Absolutely no pressure. You were honest right from the get-go.
You gave us honest advice and we will recommend you to all our friends and family.

Daryl and Janice

3 Christensen [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh

It was very reassuring and convenient working with you. We never felt we were working with a pushy sales agent. It was more that we were working with a friend.
The benefit of working with Ghosh is that you always had time for us, patience and you made appointments promptly.
We will always recommend you to any friends and family.
Yours sincerely,
Christina, Anthony and Julia

103 Wilmont [320x200].jpgBuying a house was a dream but with your help it became a reality. With your guidance and knowledge in the business you did not only show a house but you showed us or home. Which we are and will always grateful for.You showed us Kindness, patience, humility and grace which made working with you a cherished experience.
Due to this your name is the first that comes in mind if friends and family ask about a house.
From the initial time we called you till the day we closed the house you were there answering our various questions and educating us in the process.
Our thanks go to you and your staff for making our dreams comes true.
Yours Truly,
Phillip and Linda

157 Richwood [320x200].jpgIt was a pleasure working with you. Never had the feeling we were working with a typical sales-person. It felt like we knew you. We were comfortable working with you. Excellent!
Never Pushy! Always listened. Lot of patience. You put a lot of value on our (client’s) concern and always gave us honest suggestions. Keep up the same level of service with all your clients. You sold the house to my next door neighbor and he spoke very highly about you and recommended you to us.
We thank him and we will do the same.
Yours Friendly,
Nayma Chowdhury

177 Fandango [320x200].jpgHello Dada,
Hope you are doing fine. Many Thanks for your Easter/Spring Wishes.
Also received a thank you card along with the Tim Horton’s gift card by mail.
Thank you so much for that although you don’t have to do it for us as you are always in our good book. We are so pleased on the level of service and professionalism you demonstrated we will always recommend you to our friends and family.
Please do stop by some time when you have a minute.
Zia Amin

47 Tinton [320x200].jpgIt was a great experience to work with you. You were so clear and considerate to both of us and helped us. Your patience. Making everything a clarity and off course Great Behaviour. You are ok.
We will definitely stay in touch and off course recommend you to my friends and family.
Tariq ul Tariq

460 Bristol [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh, hope all is well with you. I finally put together my write up of my experience with you for your web-site.
I was Ghosh ‘s first client and it was an amazing experience.
Ghosh was here for me from the beginning until the end. Another offer was put in on a house. I was looking at and with very short notice. Ghosh stopped up and put in an offer for me and within a few hours I was a proud owner of my first home. I am so happy with the service I received, Ghosh will now have a client for life.
I will recommend Ghosh to all my family and friends.
Heidi and Rob

7284 Bellshire [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh

I had a great experience working with you. You definitely did better than my expectation. Thank you and Halina for all your patience and emotions that you go through during the home buying process.
Best thing I liked was that you were very informative and punctual.
I will be happy to recommend you to all my friends and family.
Anna Malysa

90 Eileen [320x200].jpgMy experience of working with Ghosh was very good. He provided full service and took care of me from the beginning till the end.
Patience, Honesty and his Knowledge were amazing and helped me find what I was looking for.
Indrajit Dutta

226 Townhouse [320x200].jpgCo-operation between sales representatives and companies has been more important than it is today and appreciation for a job well done is often overlooked. sell one of our listings in today’s market is not an easy job. You have undoubtedly worked very hard with your buyer and also with our agent to put this deal together.
On behalf of our seller and us we thank you very much and wish you continued success.
Parvinder Singh
Owner/Broker of Record HOMELIFE UNITED

63 Thistledown.jpgHi Indra,
I received your letter and totally agree that you the man to go to for professionalism and service. I really enjoy being in Thistledown and I found out that I am actually quite good at little home projects and repairs and I love painting. You should drop by one of these days to see how I am doing.
I am doing most of these renovations on my own (with the help of my friends) at a crawling pace but I am sure that the results will eventually be stunning.
I will make the time to write that referral letter sometime soon or you can use my name and number as a reference if you need one.
Thanks for all your help.
Asmita Banerjee

31 Wetmeadow [320x200].jpgThank you so much for doing a Great Selling Job in a tough real estate market.
You persevered with your Buyers, and their want list, although, my Sellers were not thrilled with your Buyers offering price and closing date. We as professionals, managed to bring the deal together. I found you to be Honest, Diligent, Co-operative, Punctual, Considerate, and all with a respectful sense of humour!
I'm wishing you the Best of Success in your Real Estate Career, and I'm hoping that we will have many, many, future deals together.
Keep on the same success path you're on, and DON'T let the Success get the better of you, and Change your Work Ethics in a negative way!
Brenda Collis
Sales Representative (full time since 1985)
Coldwell Banker Innovators Brokerage

190 Queen Mary [320x200].jpgDear Ghosh

Many thanks for all your hard work this year. You have the makings of an excellent agent and I am so proud that you represent our company.
Rosemary Morris

9 Poplar Plains.jpgHi, Ghosh!

How are you doing? When will you come for BBQ? We are waiting for your whole family. "Thanks for helping to make our first home a reality! We appreciate your patient, advices and most of all, your friendship.
I would have no hesitation recommending you for an your real estate project.
Take care.

4 Trotters [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh,
Yes we got your postcard yesterday and yes we are enjoying Brampton.I really like the location of our house. Karine is doing great. She is in organizing and decorating mode. We've got almost all the furniture now. Still waiting for the washer and dryer but I'd say we're about 70% organized. I still have to ask here where everything is.  Allie has already picked out her garden area. They were quite impressed with the house. Shows what a good choice we've made and what a great job you've done in finding it for us. On that note I don't think I've really had a chance to thank you for all your hard work and time and patience in getting us this house, so thanks for everything.
You did a great job for us and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know looking to buy or sell. You've definitely got a solid career ahead in real estate.
Cheers, talk to you soon.
Terry Rajaram

5 Wandering Tr [320x200].jpgOh my Ghosh!

He was phenomenal, from the moment we sat down to discuss our needs, he was the man for the job.
Our best interests were always in the fore front and our trust and faith. Ghosh was way over 100%.
We wouldn’t hesitate for a millisecond to refer him to any friends or family member! Actually we have already started. We know that with Ghosh you are in safe hands.
Working with Ghosh in the future is not an option… It’s mandatory.
When Ghosh was negotiating on our behalf on the 8 offers we received we sat there in awe in his negotiating skills and brilliance.
Ghosh we take our hats off to you!!!!
Many thanks,
Denise, Jay, Jayden,Kaia & off course Jinxi

4 Coppermill [320x200].jpgA little note to show my appreciation for the amazing job you did in selling my house. Thanks to your professionalism the house was priced according to the current market value which caused so much activity that it was sold in almost a day. You also marketed my house in a fantastic way; your staging service made the house look gorgeous and you made a virtual tour that was jaw dropping. Due to your all hard work there were multiple offers and you managed this so beautifully that I got more than the asking price... which needless to say I am thrilled about :)You are the agent to have because your dedication and commitment resulted in getting top $.I would recommend your services to anyone at any time because you are simply extraordinary!
Forever appreciated,

74 Alderbrook [320x200].jpgGhosh, this is for Halina (hope I’m spelling the name correctly, if not please forgive me!)

Halina, A heartfelt thank you for the amazing work you did in making my house look its best. You are so good at what you do that for a moment I kind of second guessed myself whether I should be parting from such a beautiful place.
The place looked perfect as there was this nice flow throughout the house thanks to the way you re-arranging furniture, the way you put decorations up and the colors you chose. Also the elegant touch you gave to the house made it look classy and not only attracted buyers but also added value to it. 
And most importantly you decorated my house according to my family's needs; 
I could live in it with my little girls without fearing that things 
will be broken or damaged and it was easy to manage. So the end result?... we all got to enjoy living in a very nicely decorated house while selling it and getting top $ for it thanks to your input in decorating it so well. Couldn't ask for anything better :) Indeed, a job well done!
With thanks,

267 Pressed Brick [320x200].jpgHi Ghosh,

Just wanted to say thanks for selling our house. I can't say enough about how well the sale went. The staging of the house was done quickly and expertly. Several people commented on how nice the house looked and presented itself.
I would recommend to anyone selling their house to give you a call. We felt quite comfortable with how the whole process went and always had any questions answered promptly.
Bernita and Tim Park

51 Baffin [320x200].jpgSelling a property can be a stressful thing.

Ghosh and his team has made it stress-free for us. He carefully assessed the listing price with us, saw the property and came up with a staging plan. His team went the extra mile to ensure that the staged property is picture-perfect respecting our living space as it were his own. With the methodical steps Ghosh has taken, our property was on the market for 4 days generating close to 20 showings, and we closed the deal on the 4th day.
Ghosh used his experience in every step to advise us while allowing us to make an informed decision quickly and correctly.
We'd definitely recommend Ghosh and his team to all of our family and friends.
John Bluchinsky

78 Traverston [320x200].jpgHey Ghosh
I hope all is well. We’re busy, which is good, but my real-estate agent is useless, we haven’t officially signed back with him and I am convincing my brother to use someone else. I feel he’s providing no service! Just waiting the lots to sell themselves and then expect a pay check. It’s pissing me off and working on getting someone new. I soooo wish you lived closer. I just needed to get that off my chest, as you have set the bar and I compare all real-estate agents to you.
Thanks again,
Steve Carol

39 Jarvis [320x200].jpg"Our experience as first time buyers was such a positive one because of Indranil Ghosh. Our search began in October of 2008 and ended in February 2009. During this time, Ghosh worked around our schedules, and our desire to find the perfect downtown condo. Despite the fact that we saw over 60 units, Ghosh never pushed us to decide for his sake. He was objective about properties and patient when we decided another property was just not right.Ghosh's commitment to us and to finding us the perfect home was apparent throughout the entire process. When it came to making an offer, Ghosh was fair and open to accepting the number we saw fitting for the property. He went into  negotiations with our best interest at hand. Our first time buying is experience is now a wonderful memory thanks to Ghosh. Not only were we well represented, but we had a lot of fun in the process. We will be recommending Ghosh in the future to anyone looking for their dream home."
Adrian Ho and Natalie Ho

104 Ridge Top [320x200].jpg

I am writing you to congratulate you for winning the OB Intelligent Enthusiastic Service Award. We have a lot of terrific employees in our company so to be the #1 is quite an accomplishment. Since you started with us you have shown that you are always willing to go that extra distance to do your job well. This is very valuable because not only do you yourself, do an excellent job but the example you set motivate others. Michael Bonacini and I are very thankful that we have someone of your caliber in the company.
Peter Oliver & Micheal Bonacini

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