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Brampton Real Estate

Blog by Indranil Ghosh | October 23rd, 2010

If you are in the market to buy your first home, here are a few things  to do:

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Mortgage Pre-approval. This is the first and most important step to check out your affordability. A bank or a mortgage broker will be able to help you. It is a free process, takes a few minutes. They check your credit history, employment, T4... and they will be able to determine your affordability. Once they give you a magic number you are good to go shopping for your home.

Next is to determine where you want to buy, area, the neighbourhood you want to live and might consider raising your family down the road. Sometimes this is confusing and it is ok to consider more than one area and research multiple areas at the same time.

Usually your first home is not your dream home. It is a stepping Stone for building equity and personal wealth. This is the very first step on your property ladder, so do not overstress yourself. If you talk to a realtor who is looking in your best interest chances are he can point out the resale value of these homes, so you can get the best return on your investment.
I know we live in a day and age where everyone does most of their own research on line; we all want to be independent. Nothing wrong with that but at the same time do talk to a realtor, ask questions,I live, breath real estate and we have a lot of answers.

For the last four years I have been specializing in first time Home Buyers and I have helped more than 50 Home Buyers like you. .
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